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How to Prepare for your visit to the 'Bod Pod'

Your visit to the 'Bod Pod' requires just a little simple preparation for the most accurate result possible. This is especially important to those closely monitoring the changes in their body composition.

  • The measurement is taken in a swimsuit, preferably 2 piece for women, speedo type for men. (Don't worry, we have them available if you don't have one!) - Women may also choose to wear underclothes that are close fitting (lycra type).

  • Refrain from eating about 3 hours before your visit.

  • Wait at least 1 hour if you've worked out. The air in the 'Bod Pod' is measured to get your body density. Elevated breathing and body temperature may interfere. 

Other helpful notes are:

  • Try to schedule subsequent visits under the same conditions... time of day, hydration levels, etc.

  • An individual coming in the first time should plan on spending about 30 minutes, two people, about 45 minutes.  After the first visit, it only takes about 15 minutes.

  • If your appointment is scheduled first thing in the morning drinking some water is OK.  You want to come in on an empty stomach, however normal hydration is expected.

  • Smile! This is fun and you get to see what you're made of!