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VO2 Max / Sub-Max

*Metabolic testing (VO2 and RMR) temporarily unavailable. Please contact us to be put on the waitlist. We'll reach out when the schedule re-opens.


Why measure?

The VO2 Max Assessment is used by endurance athletes to determine current functional capacity and as a gauge of future progress.  

If your primary goal is fat loss, this is a very important measurement.  This image on the rightVO2 Graph.jpg (74688 bytes) shows how your body metabolizes energy at exercise.  Notice the yellow line indicating fat burning.  Within the first few minutes of exercise, as your heart rate increases, you are primarily burning fat.  Very quickly and sharply however, you see it drop off to ZERO.  See the blue line, indicating carb burning, will then pick up and take over.  Within minutes, you can be working too hard and burning NO fat!  This assessment will show you exactly where that point is for you.  Why not work smarter?  ...Not harder!

Individuals with a primary goal of fat loss will only require a quick and simple sub-max assessment.  

What is VO2 Max?

Fitness testing measures the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise. When it is measured at maximal effort, it is called Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO2Max). The VO2 Max is the gold standard for measuring cardio fitness. The more fit you are, the higher your VO2 Max.  Your heart, like any muscle, becomes stronger the more you exercise it. As you become more fit, your heart pumps more oxygenated blood with each beat. As a result, the heart rate of fit people increases more slowly when exercising than that of less fit individuals. We now use a gas calibrated, full metabolic cart - usually only found in universites and hospitals. There are many devices out there that cannot measure your VCO2 (expired air).  Without it, you cannot know the amount of fat you burn and AT cannot accurately be measured.



Heart rate (using a heart rate monitor) and respiratory function (breathing through a special sensor) are measured while exercising on a treadmill at various levels of effort. 


What do I receive with this assessment?

With this assessment you will receive a detailed report, including your oxygen uptake and your optimal heart rates for both fat burning and cardiovascular training.  

Pair the results with a  Polar Heart Rate Monitor to dial it all in.  With it you will have an interactive tool to keep you in your zone and and tell you accurately how many calories you've burned through exercise.  Your numbers, not a general estimate.




*VO2 Max and Sub-max testing is for generally healthy individuals with no known risk factors as described by the ACSM and the AHA. If you have concerns, please consult your Physician for fitness testing approval.