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We make it affordable to monitor your changes regularly. A Bod Pod analysis is only $30 at Baseline Fitness.


How to Prepare for a Visit to the 'Bod Pod®'

  1. The measurement is taken in a swimsuit, preferably 2 piece for women (bra and underwear work fine as well). For men, lycra fitted briefs, liners or unpadded compression shorts. Don't worry, we have trunks available if you don't have the right gear!  We provide you a swim cap as well.

  2. While first thing fasted is ideal, it isn't required. Refrain from eating about 3 hours before your visit.

  3. Wait at least 1 hour if you've worked out. The air in the 'Bod Pod' is measured to get your body density. Elevated breathing and heat production may interfere. 

  4. You will simply sit inside the Bod Pod while a technician conducts 3 tests, 40 seconds each.


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The Bod Pod



Other tips for accuracy:

  1. Try to schedule subsequent visits under the same conditions... time of day, hydration levels, etc.

  2. An individual coming in the first time should plan on spending about 20 minutes, two people, about 40 minutes.  After the first visit, it only takes about 15 minutes.

  3. If your appointment is scheduled first thing in the morning drinking some water is OK.  You want to come in on an empty stomach, however normal hydration is expected.

  4. Smile! This is fun and you get to see what you're made of!